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Raven Kleinbach

Hi, I’m Raven Kleinbach, owner of Clever Automation.

Clever Automation is an expert on the powerful solutions that Infusionsoft offers business owners seeking to take their customer management, marketing campaigns, and eCommerce options to the highest level. As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC), Raven Kleinbach passionately creates, manages and measures your marketing goals in a cleverly automated fashion. This allows her to streamline your success and overcome your frustrations of cobbling together multiple solutions that leave you bleeding out profits.

  • Marketing Automation 95%
  • Membership Sites 80%
  • Integrations 85%

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant

Raven is a leading certified expert on the powerful marketing and sales automation solutions that Infusionsoft offers business owners.

iMember360 Power Expert

iMember360 uses nearly all the automated features available in Infusionsoft to manage and control access to content in a subscription-based WordPress site.

FixYourFunnel Certified

Raven now expertly services business owners in the best-in-class ninja add-on, FixYourFunnel.

Recent Blog Posts

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Pass URL Params to Another Page

One of my client's emailed me this morning and asked if there was anyway to pass URL Params from Infusionsoft > Sales Page > Order Form w/o having to hire someone to write some PHP scripts. I already have the awesome URL Params Plugin by Jeremy Shapiro installed on...

Make Raven Kleinbach Your Infusionsoft Partner

Adding an Infusionsoft Certified Partner to your Infusionsoft account is simple! Following this 4-step  guide will allow me access to your accounts without taking up one of your limited user licenses – mega bonus 😉 Step 1 Log in to Infusionsoft. Hover over the...

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