Automation Divas

Here is the short list of fellow Infusionsoft Certified Partners that I'd like to refer you to. These ladies all have the knowledge and dedication to exceed your expectations!

Kenda Macdonald

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Automation Ninjas
Super Powers: The UK's leading team of Infusionsoft Implementation Experts. We live for Infusionsoft and spend our time finding simple solutions to complex problems and offer bespoke implementation to suit your Infusionsoft needs.

We spend hours every day researching, data mining and learning so that you don't have to.

We are passionate about your business and your success and we work tirelessly to ensure we have the correct solutions for you.

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  • Infusionsoft Ninjery 90%
  • Campaign Mastery 100%
  • Internet Marketing 85%

Sharon Broughton

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Sharon Broughton Team
Super Powers: I provide start-to-finish Infusionsoft implementation including the integration of many 3rd party systems including: iMember360, PlusThis, AppointmentCore, Zapier, and more. I love to do customized training and I ensure that Infusionsoft functions with your website, ecommerce and/or membership sites. I also provide online business management services to our clients that focus on the entire business, not just Infusionsoft.

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  • Infusionsoft Integration 90%
  • Campaign Wizardry 80%
  • Internet Marketing 75%

Karin Carroll

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Karin Carroll
Super Powers: I am an ICP specializing in Infusionsoft for real estate, setting up integrations standardly required by real estate agents etc, etc. I have a background in real estate so it's a niche I love to serve.

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  • Lead Gen & Dialer Integration 75%
  • Market Report Automation 80%
  • Direct Mail Services 50%

Lisa Wells

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Lisa R Wells
Super Powers: I specialize in working with coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs in helping them start their business, manage their online businesses, and wrestle with their sometimes-too-overwhelming marketing tasks and projects.

Since 2005, I’ve helped dozens of online business owners just like you solve hundreds of problems – everything from strategizing a move for their website, logistics of setting up a sales page, to where to go to offer a specific type of product.

I offer two types of consulting packages: pay-as-you-go phone calls called Power Hour Sessions and Infusionsoft Consulting Packages.

What makes me different is that you will be working with ME personally. Not a team or put in a queue where it takes days to get a response. You will get personal attention and the high value you desire. Whether you are in the market to purchase Infusionsoft, need ongoing support in your business, or want a done-for-you campaign, I can help!

Contact Lisa.

  • Internet Marketing 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Tech Support 75%

Barbara Jones

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Small Biz Automation
Super Powers: I work with small business owners who want to develop and manage their Infusionsoft application in-house. Researching customized solutions using all that is available in the Infusionsoft universe is a specialty. I don’t know everything but I do know where to find it.

I understand how small businesses run and how the work gets done. My personal favorite thing to do is building internal campaigns that reduce data errors and eliminate bottlenecks.

Things clients love: I can help you find content you don’t realize you have and organize it into lead magnets and campaign email content. I know the sales, leads, and opportunity management tools very well and how to get your sales team to use them.

My team does WordPress websites and iMember360 membership sites. I will soon launch a Customer Hub site of my own and can help you organize the content for yours.

Contact Barb.

  • Campaign Strategy 95%
  • Sales Automation 95%
  • Process Standardization 100%

Cindy Morus

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Automate Early and Often
Super Powers: 100% infusionsoft and 3rd party add-ons: iM360, Social Fuse, Reputation Loop, AppointmentCore, ScheduleOnce, Parsey. I have FYF on my list to get certified, too. I've also been through both of Kim Snider's Campaign courses.

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  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Tech Support 30%
  • Community Management 50%

Janelle Bledsoe

Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Genie Automation
Super Powers: I work with health, wellness and fitness professionals by partnering with them to streamline, automate and manage their marketing and operations. These professionals include life coaches and fitness trainers running a virtual business; or brick and mortar businesses such as Health Clubs and CrossFit affiliates.

In addition to being an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and Online Business Manager, I have extensive experience in the fitness industry as a fitness trainer, life coach and CrossFit enthusiast.

The Online Business Management services I offer consist of packages for monthly support and management as well as one-time projects such as launches, audits or clean-up projects.

I also offer Infusionsoft Kickstart packages, clean-up projects and ongoing support. I love all the fun Infusionsoft stuff and am a big operations and processes geek.

I’ve completed Campaign Foundations and Campaign Mastery from The API Guys and am currently taking the Content Marketing Specialist Certification from Digital Marketer with an expected completion of May 2015.

Contact Janelle.

  • Internet Marketing 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Tech Support 75%