If you ever set up a sequence of emails in Infusionsoft's Campaign Builder, you probably are aware that Delayed Timer emails aren't easily tracked in your Broadcasts or Marketing Reports.

The reason why is because delayed-timer emails send to each Contact individually, depending on when they entered your sequence & what time your delayed timer is set to.


This could lead to guessing (ACK!)  how many of your Contacts actually opened your emails….until now!

Thanks to Automation Links and a ninja trick shared by fellow Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Doughty, you can tag each Contact who opens your email so that you can analyze the effectiveness of your delayed-timer emails and/or run a secondary sequence for those that opened your email— awesome sauce!


If you're ready to know who's opening your emails, check out Mike's quick video walk-through on setting up this ninja trick or follow the written instructions below:


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Settings > Automation Links > Automation Link > CREATE LINKautomation link
  2. Name Your Automation Link (ex/ Opened Email 6.21.14 “ACME Widgets”)automation link2
  3. Skip the next 3 fields
  4. Click SAVE
  5. Return to the top of the pop-up and COPY your link name
  6.  Click the ACTIONS tab (this tab appears only after you have saved your Automation link)automation link3
  7. SELECT “Apply/Remove Tag” from the available Actions
  8. CLICK Create New Tag Link… below the available Tags (unless you already have one created)
  9. PASTE in the Tag Name Field the Automation Link Name you copied
  10. SELECT a Category
  11. CLICK Create Tag
  12. Click SAVEautomation link5
  13. Click SAVE & CLOSE
  14. Next to the Automation Link you created, hover over EDIT
  15. Look in the bottom left-hand side of your screen and notice your link # displayed.  Jot that number down.automation link4
  16. COPY this code
    <img src="~Link-[YOUR-LINK-NUMBER-GOES-HERE]~" alt="" width="1" height="1" />
  17. Replace YOUR-LINK-NUMBER-GOES-HERE with the # you jotted down
  18. COPY that updated code
  19. Return to the email you want to track opens on
  20. CLICK the Snippets Tab
  22. DRAG it to the footer area of your email
  23. PASTE in your Automation Link Code in the text area
  24. Click SAVEautomation link6

That's It! Now when someone opens your email they'll be tagged! This will allow you to gauge your sequence and subject line effectiveness PLUS you could even start a new sequence based on your Contact's interest you just tracked (Tag-Applied Goal)!


In the comments below I'd love to hear how you're using Automation Links to Ninja Up your Marketing!