The Infusionsoft Campaign Builder is the most powerful marketing automation workflow tool known to mankind!

This visual, drag & drop interface allows you to build a marketing and sales process from start to finish; including emails, landing pages and more.

If you're a seasoned business owner, than diving into the Campaign Builder generally begins with us updating your existing online marketing campaigns and infusing them with slick marketing automation to make both the conversion rates and internal processes better.

For start ups – we take time to create and build out the key marketing strategies we identified when putting together your Marketing Automation Plan together.

In both scenarios, I've noticed that you tend to get a lil antsy when it comes to hitting the big green PUBLISH button that puts the campaigns live. Generally this fear comes from not knowing if everything is right and whether or not your campaign will be as successful as you envisioned.

Sometimes the apprehension steams from past experiences where things didn't go so well. ACK!!

infusionsoft campaign builder campaign evergreen business systems 
To limit your fear and boost your success that all WILL  go well once that great big green PUBLISH button is pushed…

Here are 4 Tips to ensure your marketing automation campaign is set for success:


hink through it

– When you come up with a new idea for generating leads or revenue, we want to be sure it is weaved into your overall Lifecycle Marketing strategy. This means that we need to identify (…for starters 😉 ):

  • who is the ideal contact we're developing this campaign for?
  • is this campaign's main goal to capture leads,  introduce an entry-level offer, upsell an existing customer, or some other growth strategy?
  • how does this campaign compliment/conflict with what we're already doing?
  • what should happen when the goal of the campaign is achieved? what happens if it's not?
  • is this a campaign our Referral Partners would be interested in promoting for us?
  • is this campaign going to be an internal offer, public offer or both?
  • is this campaign an evergreen or one-time launch?

est it

 – Once you've drafted out the campaign and tied it into your other Public campaigns, be sure to run this new campaign through the ringer. Here are  a few thing to consider when testing (dependent on who this campaign is being promoted to):

  • is the sign up page capturing all the information you need in a attractive & captivating way?
  • is the thank you page correct?
  • is all the information accurate (dates, pricing, delivery, expectations)
  • are the emails  formatted correctly? (be sure to check different email clients)
  • is the access information verified and up-to-date
  • are the buy now buttons linked to the correct product/price (big one!)
  • are they being  properly tagged?
  • are the timers set to go off correctly (consider your global market & publicized ‘office hours')
  • are decisions diamonds rules configured accurately?
  • is the lead source populating correctly?
  • are they set to be transitioned into offers that are relevant to the interest indicators they've presented?
  • are custom fields/merge fields updating correctly?
  • once a goal is achieved is your contact being stopped on the first goal and transitioning to the next goal as designed?

idy it up

– Once the campaign is fleshed out & tested, be sure to document how it works in your Project Management system and/or with using Notes inside the campaign, such as:

  • Who this campaign is for?
  • What are the goals of this campaign?
  • Where is the traffic coming from and going to?
  • When does anything need to be changed or updated?
  • How does it work specifically? (3rd party integrations, links, access information)

Also be sure all your campaign bits follow a consistent and concise naming convention, including:

  • tags
  • emails
  • sequences
  • goals
  • action steps

Properly tidying up a campaign with support documentation and App organization ensures your campaign is an internal success! The way it works is more easily remembered & explained long after if it's up and running alongside other campaigns.


rack it

– set up key performance indicators (KPIs) around this campaign at every entry and exit point and goals achieves so you can track the success.  This is so critical and often overlooked by my clients.

You have to know how you're doing – at any given moment-  to be able to quickly adjust any negative trends and push up all good trends.

Here are a few reports that I highly suggest you add to your Dashboard – specific & dependent on all live campaigns:

  • marketing list numbers (number of existing customers you're marketing the new campaign too)
  • web form sign ups
  • email stats on campaign emails
  • activity tags (clicked link,  downloaded report, attended webinar, logged in to membership site, etc)
  • purchases (trials, first payments, upsells, refunds)
  • affiliate tracking (campaign date specific)

You should also use Google Analytics and/or Visual Website Optimizer for sales page data.

..And there you have it. The 4 Tips to Ensure your next Infusionsoft Campaign is Successful! Of course, the specific steps you take to create, manage and measure your campaign will be unique to your specific needs.

But whatever your unique needs are, you have to do some version of the 4 Tips above before you're ready to hit the big green PUBLISH button and begin driving your peeps through your beautiful campaign.

😉 and no…it doesn't stop there, you have to commit to tweaking the campaign as your audience, goals, business and data changes — fun!

It may seem like a lot at first, but trust me, once you implement these 4 Tips a time or two this concept will become second nature to you…

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben, Spider-Man

In the comments below, please let me know your thoughts on my 4 Tips and I'd love to hear what you do to, too!