If you've ever gotten this reply from a new and – now frantic-  customer or prospect,

“I just got your email but my password is blank. I can't log in. HELP!!!!”

This means that for whatever reason (system downtime, server timeouts, throttles, action hiccups, etc.), the iMember360 HTTP post did not set a password and your email was delivered without one included. DOH! Yup it's embarrassing and doesn't exactly help Infusionsoft customers achieve the ‘Delivering & Satisfying' bit in the Perfect Customer Lifecylce for their customer.

And since most businesses run a 24/7 operation, you could find yourself resolving this issue overnight, on weekends or during football -yikes!

As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, my job is to limit these misfires in my customer's iMember360 membership access campaigns. We've tried a variety of methods for running the gen password HTTP post:

  • Product action
  • Successful Purchase Action
  • Legacy Action Set
  • Campaign Builder HTTP Post

I've even set up a combo or all these automation to try to resolve this issue. But it doesn't always work. There is always some people still receiving their iMember360 access email without a password.

Other users have reported this issue as well on the iMember360 Facebook Group. As we discussed this, I realized that relying on the system to ALWAYS work isn't the best solution to be chasing. We need to solve for what we can > how to prevent membership access emails being sent to  members who don't have a password.

So I created a Check for Password Automation Loop in Infusionsoft's Campaign Builder and it's pretty fool proof. Watch the video to see how it works.



If you got any comments or questions, please post them below 😉