Adding an Infusionsoft Certified Partner to your Infusionsoft account is simple!

Following this 4-step  guide will allow me access to your accounts without taking up one of your limited user licenses – mega bonus 😉

Log In

Step 1

Log in to Infusionsoft. Hover over the Infusionsoft Cornerstone in the top bar.

log in - infusionsoft certified parter

Click Users

Step 2

Look underneath the Admin* section and click “Users”

click users - infusionsoft certified parter

*If you do not see Admin in your menu then you do not have Admin level access.You will have to ask the Admin to give you access or ask them to add me as a Partner.

Add Partner

Step 3

Once in the Users section in the top right corner, click on “Add Partner”.

add partner - infusionsoft certified parter

Send Email Invitation

Step 4

When you are on the add Partner page, type in my email address You can then make me Admin.

Click the “Send Email Invitation” button and I’ll have access to your App as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. 🙂

send invitation - infusionsoft certified parter

..and that's it! If you hit a snag, no worries, just email me and we'll get it resolved ASAP.