My Interview with The Launch Coach: Dave Navarro on How To Sell Your Products the Classy, non-Tacky, Way.

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My Interview with The Launch Coach: Dave Navarro on How To Sell Your Products the Classy, non-Tacky, Way.

I first learned about Dave Navarro, AKA The Launch Coach, while researching how to motivate affiliates, and I was instantly taken aback by his wealth of knowledge, charm and brashness. He’s a perfect example of how to motivate your audience to buy simply by giving them what they want — and plenty of it!

He teaches his readers to give-give-give in order to lucratively receive the results you want and the spirit of giving spills over into his Launch Coach Library where he GIVES AWAY obscene amount of free workbooks that will teach you how to sell more and play a bigger game.

Dave is gearing up for the launch of his very popular “Creating Products That Sell” and “Building A Responsive List” workshops on Thursday, May 27th, so I took this opportunity to asked him to explain some of the marketing mistakes he sees out there. Dave answered these questions and gave tried-and-true advice on how to learn what your audience (really) wants from you.

Get ready to stop selling your products the tacky, over-the-top way and start selling with the classy, Dave Navarro way….

1. What can people expect from the two workshops: Products that Sell and Building a Responsive List?

I basically lay out a step-by-step course for going from “nothing to something” – in the case of product workshops; it’s how to take the shortest path to getting some in-demand stuff out there and setting up your sales systems. I give the basics of audio / video / PDF / teleseminars / webinars and show how to add features to your products to boost sales and reduce refunds.

Basically, I take all the reasons that making products seems hard and scary, and give you options to defuse the pressure and get your stuff out there and selling.

Same with the email workshop – I’ve distilled what I’ve learned over the years to create a shortest-path plan for attracting an audience of buyers who like you and respect you, without having to do any of the cheesy stuff you see most internet marketers do.

2. Most of the people I work with have a problem: creating products that sell; I suggest doing a survey or posing questions to identify pain points their target audience is experiencing via social media—does that seem to work for you as a starting point for identifying an idea for a profitable product?

If you have an audience who responds to you already, surveys are fantastic, but if you don’t, it’s great to look at social media – especially blog comments – as an indicator. I like to look at other people’s posts where the comments are on fire and I say, “That’s something people really want answers to.” My first really successful product, How To Launch The **** Out Of Your Ebook, came about that way, by following the comments on an post.

3. What other advice can you give for creating a product?

Don’t over-think it. Focus on giving people solutions that work, not on being impressive. If somebody at a party needs a bottle opened, they don’t care if you have a Swiss Army Knife, they’re happy with the bottle opener. Same with products. Don’t try and make the Swiss Army solution when you can please your customers with a simpler deal. Because the time you free up doing that can be spent making more solutions to other pressing problems.

4. Can you identify the most frequent mistake you see people do when creating products and/or building their lists?

They create the product and then build their list. I did that for 5 years and it’s an uphill battle. But if you build your list by targeting an audience and getting to know their needs, you can find out what they’re hungry for, make that, and start making sales instantly.

5. What advice do you have for some one that has many friends or followers and now wants to create a responsive list from their networking efforts?

Focus on helping people, not chasing numbers. The more you give, the more goodwill you get. And that is what gets people responsive. You don’t need clever headlines to attract attention if people like you and trust you. So if you have a following already, find out what’s their big pain point, make a free resource or two around it and build goodwill and people sharing your stuff (exactly what I do in the Launch Coach Library).

People think I’m a master marketer, but I’m not. I’m a highly skilled helper, and that means people are willing to trust me when it’s time for the sale. You can cover over a multitude of copy-writing and marketing weaknesses just by being respectful to your audience. My Interview with The Launch Coach: Dave Navarro on How To Sell Your Products the Classy, non Tacky, Way.

6. I assume your workbooks are your pink spoon offer? Will you be going into how this “just a taste” strategy can help build your list and also provide research for products?

Exactly. If I can get people to taste the goods, so to speak, and get results with my free stuff, then they’ll stay on my list and communicate with me. I go into this in detail in the Building a Responsive List workshop.

7. Who is going to benefit the most from your workshop?

Anyone who has an online presence and wants to be able to grow their business by staying classy. There are plenty of products out there for the “yellow highlighter”, pushy-marketing crowd that just wants to get rich quick, but I think these workshops are the best fit for people who want to play at a higher level – especially if their audience demands respect and a more civilized marketing message.

Basically, if you want to finally sell more of your stuff without doing anything tacky or embarrassing, this is for you. My Interview with The Launch Coach: Dave Navarro on How To Sell Your Products the Classy, non Tacky, Way.

8. LOL, you told me you don’t have a VA! I was a Virtual Assistant and am growing into a Virtual Business Manager role, so that admission from you hurts my ears and intrigues me! Seeing all the great information you pump out with your social updates, blog, regular interviews and products you offer– what steps or processes do you use to keep on track, see your progress and thus motivate you to keep going??

I don’t have a VA because it puts pressure on me to simplify my processes and focus on only doing the 80/20 stuff. I think VAs are great, don’t get me wrong – I just know that in my case, I’m trying to build a business with as few moving parts as possible, and since I have these time constraints I have to always ask “do i need to do it this way”?

This is important to me too, because a lot of my audience has a day job they’re working their way out of and I need to be able to teach people how to make progress when they’re on a shoestring time/money budget. (I just quit *my* day job last month, so it’s an issue that matters to me).

My biggest process is tracking the time I spend in a time log. If I have to write down what I’m doing every 15-30 minutes, it forces me to stay on track.

Want to learn how Dave manages to rocks my (and many others) day? Stop by his Launch Coach Library and get your learn on!

P.S. Although Dave doesn’t have a virtual professional assisting him ( gasp My Interview with The Launch Coach: Dave Navarro on How To Sell Your Products the Classy, non Tacky, Way. ), I am truly thankful to him for sharing some of his expert advice with me! Get your daily dose of Dave via twitter @RockYourDay

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