pass url params to another page

One of my client's emailed me this morning and asked if there was anyway to pass URL Params from Infusionsoft > Sales Page > Order Form w/o having to hire someone to write some PHP scripts.

I already have the awesome URL Params Plugin by Jeremy Shapiro installed on their site. This plugin grabs specified URL variables and passes them on to forms and/or display the variables directly on the page. Now I need to see if I could use this same plugin to pass variables to another page.

With a little tweaking and some magic-sauce from Tyler Garns, I figured it out 🙂

And without further delay, here's how to pass those precious url parameters to another page!

Code You'll Need For Your Order Form Theme's Custom Footer:

This script (courtesy of Tyler Garns) passes URL parameters into order forms. The promo code will be
automatically "submitted" Just remove all the other fields that you don't need.

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
function getUrlVar(key){
var result = new RegExp(key + "=([^&]*)", "i").exec(;
if (result != null) {
if (result[1].substring(0,1) != "+") {
result[1] = result[1].replace(/\+/g," ");
} else {
result[1] = "+" + result[1].substring(1).replace(/\+/g," ");
return result && result[1] || "";


Optional Code You'll Need For Your Order Form Theme's Custom Header:

<input id="Contact0_Your Custom Field" name="Contact0_YourFieldName" type="hidden">
<input name="Contact0_GaContent" id="Contact0_GaContent" type="hidden">
<input name="Contact0_GaSource" id="Contact0_GaSource" type="hidden">
<input name="Contact0_GaMedium" id="Contact0_GaMedium" type="hidden">
<input name="Contact0_GaTerm" id="Contact0_GaTerm" type="hidden">
<input name="Contact0_GaCampaign" id="Contact0_GaCampaign" type="hidden">
Click here for more information about adding Custom Fields to Your Order Forms.


The Below URL Passes All Billing Information from an Infusionsoft Email to Sales Page:;LastName=~Contact.LastName~&amp;Email=~Contact.Email~&amp;Address=~Contact.StreetAddress1~&amp;Address2=~Contact.StreetAddress2~&amp;City=~Contact.City~&amp;State=~Contact.State~&amp;Zip=~Contact.PostalCode~&amp;Country=~Contact.Country~&amp;Phone=~Contact.Phone1~
Be sure to update “” with your landing URL.


The Below URL Passes All UTMs from a Wicked Link to Sales Page:;utm_medium=UPDATE&amp;utm_source=UPDATE&amp;utm_content=UPDATE&amp;utm_term=UPDATE
Be sure to update “” with your landing URL & UPDATE all parameter variables.


These are the URL Params Shortcodes You want to Include in the Links from Your Sales Page to Your Infusionsoft Order Form[urlparam param=FirstName]&amp;LastName=[urlparam param=LastName]&amp;&amp;Email=[urlparam param=Email]&amp;Address=[urlparam param=Address]&amp;Address2=[urlparam param=Address2]&amp;City=[urlparam param=City]&amp;State=[urlparam param=State]&amp;Zip=[urlparam param=Zip]&amp;Country=[urlparam param=Country]&amp;Phone=[urlparam param=Phone]&amp;utm_campaign=[urlparam param=utm_campaign]&amp;utm_medium=[urlparam param=utm_medium]&amp;utm_source=[urlparam param=utm_source]&amp;utm_content=[urlparam param=utm_content]&amp;utm_term=[urlparam param=utm_term]
Be sure to update “” with your Order Form URL.

..and that's the basics for allowing your Infusionsoft Contacts to breeze through the Purchase Phase of your Sales Funnel 😉

Oh and, I figured out what went wrong on the thank you page…
Here's the correct param shortcode for passing first name and last name to a thank you page after an order:

[urlparam param="inf_field_FirstName" /] [urlparam param="inf_field_LastName" /]

– Nice!

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