Have you ever wondered…

  • Which HTML format iinfusionsoft-split-test-emails- fix-your-funnel-3s the “best” (or the most popular)?
  • Do plain text emails convert better than HTML ones?
  • Will a short email or a long one get a better click-through rate?
  • What subject lines get the best open rates?

Ultimately, this type of question can only be answered one way:

You Must Split Test Your Emails to Learn What Works Best For You.

This sounds harder than it really is…

Now, all you need to do is decide what you’re going to split test!

You don’t have to try to split test everything about your Infusionsoft messages all at once. In fact, it’s best — and easiest — to test one thing at a time (A/B Test) with FixYourFunnel.
Keep other factors constant, and measure how changing that one thing affects subscriber response. Then, change your future messages accordingly, and test something else.

You can use split testing to try out different…

Message Subject Lines

When sending a broadcast, try a couple of different subject lines to see which one gets the best message open rate. For example, if I were sending out an email about this blog post, I might split-test the following subject lines:

  • Are You Maximizing Subscriber Response ~Contact.FirstName~?
  • ~Contact.FirstName~, Try Split Testing Your List
  • How To Increase Message Open Rates

When split testing subject lines, you’ll measure the effectiveness of each one by the message open rate. In order to track this, include an HTML version of each message as well as your plain text one (since open rates can’t be tracked for plain text-only messages). If your sending out emails via the Campaign Builder, read this post on how to track open rates.

Changes to Your Message Template

Slight changes to your HTML message template, such as using a different background color or modifying the width of your text column, can have an effect on your click through rate.

Link Locations

A link that is displayed in a different location in your message may result in a different click through rate.

For example, in one version of your message you may have the link located at the beginning of your message, and in other versions, you may place varying amounts of copy before the link.

Message Formats

You can split test the click through rate for a message based on whether or not you include an HTML version of that message or send it as plain text-only.

To do this, place the content from your plain text message into your HTML version, then apply enough formatting to it so that version is no longer identical to the plain text one, but not so much that the message appears to be completely different content (you’re testing whether or not your formatting entices your readers to click on your link/s more, and if so, to what extent).

These are only a few examples of how you can test to improve the effectiveness of your mailings. As you learn from your results and tweak future messages, don’t be surprised to find yourself going far beyond what I’ve mentioned here, and split-testing what you used to think were minute details.infusionsoft-split-test-emails- fix-your-funnel-2