In order for Raven to access your Infusionsoft/KEAP Application, you will need to add her to your Application as a Partner.

Since she is a KEAP Certified Pro, you can add her as a Partner and this will prevent them from taking up one of your Infusionsoft user seats in your application.

Follow the steps below to add a partner, it should take 2 minutes or less.

Step 1: Login

Login and then mouse over the Infusionsoft logo in the top bar

Step 2: Go to users section

Look underneath the admin section and click “users”

*If you do not see admin in your menu then you do not have admin level access. You will have to ask the admin to give you access or ask them to add the partner.

Step 3: Click the green button in the top right to add a partner

Once in the users section in the top right corner, click on “add partner”.

Step 4: Add partner information

When you are on the add partner page..

  1. Type in Raven's email address:
  2. Make sure the option for Admin? is set to YES.
  3. Click the “Send Email Invitation” button and she will receive an email from KEAP shortly thereafter!

Step 5: That's it!